St. Patrick's weekend's Marmot Road Fire burned more than 20 acres outside of Sandy.

Clackamas Fire had never before experienced a single wildfire in March during the agency’s history, but with only 36 hours of decent weather over the weekend of March 17, firefighters responded to five confirmed vegetation/brush fires, including the Marmot Road Fire that burned more than 20 acres outside of Sandy.

Other large wildfires over St. Patrick’s weekend hit Oak Grove’s River Road, Causey Avenue, Highway 224 and on Larkin Road in unincorporated Clackamas County between Oregon City and Molalla.


More than 40 acres burned near Sandy during an unprecedented early start of the fire season in Clackamas County.


Wildfires burned through the night near Sandy over the weekend of St. Patrick's Day, in the earliest start of the wildfire season on record in Clackamas County.